Text 24 Aug Working in Oslo

For the past few months I’ve been living and working freelance in Oslo for Bleed (www.bleed.no) amongst others. Working closely with my brother Sigurd, under his company Werk (www.werk.no).

Getting ready to publish some nice work for a big norwegian client.

Text 26 Apr New website for Dansens Hus is live!

Actually, it has been for a couple of weeks. A long time in the making, it feels good to finally have it out there.

Please do check it out!

Text 31 Mar GGP systems website live!

The website I made for GGP systems is now live and can be viewed by visiting the link below!


Text 23 Feb String makes staff favorites in app store

Shortly after the launch of the String AR showcase app’s release, it was shortlisted in the Staff Favorites section of the app store!

We are now working on the next phase of the website.

Text 8 Feb String featured in the Daily

String was featured in an article in the Daily yesterday, coinciding with the launch of the showcase app in apples app store. You can now download a PDF with targets here.

I’ve had a play around with their SDK(currently in beta) and Unity and was able to build a test app and have it running on my phone within half an hour without any prior experience with Unity.

Text 6 Feb 1 note String Augmented Reality

This weekend I’m working on putting finishing touches to the website for String in preparation for their big launch on monday. They will be featured prominently in an upcoming issue of The Daily, Rupert Murdochs new iPad only magazine/newspaper.

It’s pretty damn impressive stuff and I recommend you try out their demo for free in the app store. The glyphs/targets you need for it to work will be released on monday.

I’m really curious to have a look at that camera tracking code!

Text 6 Feb 1 note Recom Farmhouse website

Recently finished a new website for the acclaimed cgi/retouching studio Recom Farmhouse, who sit in the same building as I at Mentmore studios.

The site is optimized for ipad and is indexable, in contrast to their older flash version.

The project has been very educational, as I’ve been asked to rebuild the same design and layout as the flash version, except using only html and javascript. Usually one would redesign the site to make it easier and more practical to implement the functionality one would expect from an html site, but as the client is very fond of their current design, I had to crack some unexpected issues along the way. The result turned out very satisfying, but as with all websites, it is an ongoing project to keep optimizing and adding functionality.

Please check it out below:


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